A few words about me

My name is Grzegorz. I will be looking after the webdevsphere.com website and for that reason I would like to introduce myself to all visitors of my website and explain what drove me to set up it.

I was born and grew up when PCs were expensive and Internet was "science-fiction". The closest filling of a computer you could get at that time in a real life was abacus (people were good with using it, have you tried one?) or digital calculator.

I have been using computers for different purposes for over last 12 years. My story with computer started when I go for the Christmas the Commodore 64. I used it mostly to play games, but I was trying to write some computer programs as well. First time I had an opportunity to use a PC when I was going to high school. We had computer room with a few PCs. I mostly used it to write computer programs in Logo - I really enjoyed it.

After that I tried to obtain degree from university in Poland, department of Physics. At that moment I still did not own my PC. University facilities provided computer laboratories, as well as Internet connection. Although we were able to use computer laboratories from time to time - in fact it was very difficult. You had to book PC even a few days ahead, or wait patiently in the queue hopping that someone won't turn up finally - I think some of students spent more time in the queue than taking part in lectures and classes.

I got my own PC - it was around 2002-2003 year but still without Internet access. My first PC was running Windows 98SE. I was trying different distributions of Linux to run but with not great result. When I finally got my first PC I could use it when I wanted and for how long I needed - this was great. I used it mainly to play games (at least at the beginning) and learn about a office software but I did some coding as well as creating websites in HTML, PHP and MySQL. I was learning how to write programs in Fortran, Pascal, and C/C++. My focus lasted for some time and as a result I even decided to do second degree - after my first in Physics - Computer Science.  At the end of my three years course I developed and wrote my first web based customer relation system for architecture company.

After that period in my life I went away from computers and started doing different things - not always because I wanted but because I had to. I still worked from time to time on projects where I was using PHP5, MySQL etc..

Why webdevsphere.com?

For last 10 years I have worked as a teacher, web developer, cook, and database manager - and more. Recently I subscribed into a few podcasts and on-line magazines that discuss latest news, and trends in web design and web development - and I felt like WOW!!! the new stuff is incredible. There have been so many changes over couple of years: standards, tools, methodology to help with web site design and development. This is mainly why I wanted to start this online project - mostly for myself to have place where I can write about what I am learning, experiencing, listening to, watching and creating. I do hope that if this can be useful for me it could become useful for someone else as well - who knows I will do my best.

I hope that this is going to help me keep focus on the things I am going to explore, produce complete and good quality documents.

Please contact me if you have a question, problem or and idea - just fill in the contact form.