GIT - entry level tutorial


An entry level tutrial that covers Git - distributed version control system. In this tutorial you can find basic Git commands that allow you to start using Git.


User profile:

  • not previous experience with revision control systems required,
  • know how to use your operating system to perform basic administration tasks e.g. installing software, as well as how to manipulate files and directories,
  • familiar with text editor of your choice,
  • root/admin access can be required to perform some of the examples.


Tutorial general information:

This is entry level tutorial that covers Git distributed control version system. After completion of this tutorial you should be able to:

  • Install a Git
  • Create a Git repository
  • Add files to Git repository
  • Remove files from Git Repository
  • Rename file in Git repository
  • Commit, view and compare changes stored in Git repository
  • Clone Git repository
  • Set Git’s configuration variable

All examples that I provided in this tutorial were checked under Git command line tool for Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 and msysGit for Windows XP.

I am making this tutorial available for anyone who wants to learn how to use Git distributed version control system. If you want use it for teaching purposes you are free to do so but you must provide link to the page where this tutorial is published. Please ensure that you read and understand “Terms and Conditions”, “Website Disclaimer


I do my best to provide information as accurate and correct as possible - please let me know if you find any mistakes. I hope that attached examples help you understand new terminology. My main goal was to create a tutorial that  you will find useful when learning or reviewing Git commands.

In case of any comments, questions or enquires regarding this tutorials please contact with me