Site Updates

After Holiday

I have finished recently my 3 weeks annual leave. It takes some time to recover after such a break to get back to "normal" life. I hope that from now I would be able to add some fresh content on my website, reorganise what I have published or maybe even do some work on appearance of this website.I have to say that I do try hard to return to my routine.

New look of website

A few days ago I updated visual appearance of my website. There are still things to look and amend - but at least now it looks more like I would like it to look.

Changing layout of website

I have decided to reorganise layout and visual appearance of my website.

The main changes is going to implement are:

  • reorganise front page,
  • update main navigation menu,
  • change layout and and visual appearance of website.

There are just a few changes ... but I hope that they make this website more pleasant and user friendly

Working on tutorial

I have been working recently on the first tutorial about Git - this is going to be entry level tutorial. I hope to publish it soon.

Making slight progress..

I have been spending whole my free time in order to re-design this page: layout, theme, and of course the most important to finalise what I want to publish here and collect and produce required materials for that...

My plan for the next 2 weeks:

  1. Finalise what type of content I want to publish,
  2. Work on dosing and layout for this website

It looks like next 2 weeks are going to be busy for me... hopefully fruitful

Thank for visiting this website!