Drupal 7

Drupal 7 public and private files

Drupal 7 supports public and private download/upload method (if system paths set under Media configuration section) - by default Public download method is supported only.

Download methods

Public download method - files are stored within Drupal web directory set via public file system path (default in "sites/default/files"). Any file stored here can be downloaded using direct URL for example www.example.com/sites/default/files/test.txt


Drupal developing module?

I am not going to write tutorial how and what you need to do in order to write module. If you want to learn this I am sorry but you are in a wrong place. Instead this is about the process that people who use Drupal should be using when thinking about developing new module. I was inspired but the article when should I create a new drupal module - it is very short and you may want to read it in full.Most of people who use Drupal to run websites they go through the same or similar steps when it comes to find module to provide new option. Please check diagram Drupal module decision and I bet you will find it very familiar with what you do or almost exactly what you do already - at least it describes the steps I usually take. I am glad that I came across this article and diagram - finally someone created proper flowchart that I will be using and sharing if neede. Good work.


Drupal 7 - building multilingual websites, introduction


  • explain available methods of creating multilingual website in Drupal 7,
  • explain what is required to build multilingual websites in Drupal 7,
  • provide guidelines how to set up Drupal 7 in order to start building basic multilingual website in Drupal 7,
  • provide links to on-line resources covering how to develop multilingual websites in Drupal 7.



At some point, when I was working with Drupal 7, I needed to build multilingual website in Drupal 7. Because I was new to this technology my first step was to check Internet for suitable resources I could have used to build my multilingual website. As it should not be big surprise results are quite inundate. Please check section “Resources” at the end of this article where I included the most useful resources for my projects.


Drupal 7 Themes

I have been exploring a content management system – Drupal 7 for a while now. I have read various books covering topics such as: installation of Drupal and it basic customization, creation of custom content types, administration, installation of additional modules as well as themes etc. All of that have given me very good insight of Drupal 7 and allowed me to build confidence when using it for my projects – but I know that still there is more ahead of me, even more exited from what I have been experiencing so far.

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