Drush on Ubuntu 13.10

I have upgraded my Ubuntu system to latest one that is Ubuntu 13.10 (at the time of writing this).

I run on my machine Apache, PHP and MySQL as well as Drupal and drush. After upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10 I noticed that drush command doesn't work anymore - it did show following error:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function json_encode() in /usr/share/php/drush/includes/output.inc on line 390

Reason for above error is that PHP json extension is not installed by default of Ubuntu 13.10. Please run this command: php -m | grep json to see that you do not have it.

To fix this problem I needed to install php-json extension: sudo apt-get php5-json

Now drush is working again and PHP json extension is available on my machine: php -m | grep json

That was quick fix once you know it. I hope you would find it helpful.

Removing Linux kernel files manually

In this article I am writing about removing Linux kernel files manually from your system. I am explaining this on Ubuntu distribution.

As we know we should use apt-get autoremove it we want to remove not needed packages e.g. old kernel files. In my situation for some reason this did not work (I was trying to find out why but not much luck). I had to deal with that as my /boot partition was full and new kernel file was available to instal - installation failed as there was not enough space on /boot partition. Below I provide steps I use to remove old kernel files manually.


UbuntuOne from command line u1sdtool

Recently I inherited laptop and most of the things I do I do on this laptop. I have a desktop PC that is much more powerful and most of the applications I run on this desktop machine e.g. GIMP, VirtualBox and VMs and more. I do connect to my desktop Ubuntu machine from my laptop (ssh), and run remote applications on my laptop (X11 forwarding). Everything works quite nice. But... I have had some issues to synchronise files (enabled for UbuntuOne synchronisation within ~/home/<user>) from my desktop to UbuntuOne cloud. It works fine when I log in to desktop but not when I do ssh to it. For example I do ssh to my Ubuntu desktop, edit some file (vim test.txt) that is in the folder that is synchronising to UbuntuOne cloud, save changes and ... nothing - new version is not pushed into UbuntuOne server automatically. It is annoying and I could stand it - there are ways to overcome this issue e.g. login into desktop machine but I knew that there is some problem that needs to be tracked and corrected.

After a few hours of searching and trying I found the answer (almost).


Cluster administration tool

I recently had to make the same change on multiple web servers - all configured in the same way and running Ubuntu. My work colleague suggested me to use tool called ClusterSSH. According to documentation: "This tool is intended for (but not limited to) cluster administration where the same configuration or commands must be run on each node within the cluster.  Performing these commands all at once via this tool ensures all nodes are kept in sync.".

I provide below steps how to install and configure this tool on Ubuntu 12.04LTS desktop.

Installing ClusterSSH:

  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt-get install clustershh

Basic use of ClusterSSH:

TuneIn in VLC - Ubuntu

I installed a few months ago program called TuneIn on my iPad as well as recently on Android phone. I quite like this application, looks nice, you can find good radio streams with high quality. Additionally what I like about TuneIn is that you can create free account and with it you can share your favourite channels across different devices - find a channel once and listen to on all devices. When I finally switched to Ubuntu desktop I was hopping to install this application on my home operating system but it was not so easy or I did not look hard enough.

I was looking for the TuneIn to install on Ubuntu but without luck for some time as well as what media player can support it via some additional extension. One day I found that VLC has extension that once installed allow you to listen to streams from TuneIn.

What I am going to show you here are two things. How to install latest VLC on Ubuntu using PPA and second how to add and use TuneIn extension on VLC.

Installing latest VLC on Ubuntu:



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