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It has been a while now since I started researching and learning again about a web design. I have been working with websites and web applications for years. I have done a different pieces of work ranging from design to development, private and commercial projects, simple to complex solutions. I have been always interested in web design and development but I have never dedicated enough time to explore this field – I definitely feel guilty now but there is never too late to improve things. I set up for myself a small project. The main goal of this project was to learn and research about the latest web design changes. Frankly I wanted to re-discover the web design for myself.

I would call myself web developer rather than web designer. I do enjoy more e.g. programming than drawing, designing or sketching. They have never been things that I enjoyed doing. Thanks to my project and commitment I put into it I realised that even I can be designer. Equipped with correct set of tools, knowledge, design principles and best practices (that even the most talented designer follows) I can design websites. I can feel finally more comfortable in the design field.


Ordering Disorder Grid Principles For Web Design

This book I read because I wanted to learn more about grid-based web design. When I read books about web design I came across many time of a term "grid", or "grid system". Unfortunately in each book only a few paragraphs targeted this subject providing just general information and brief overview without diving into details.

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Using Drupal

O'Reilly, April 2012, 2nd edition

Learn while developing different Drupal 7 web projects e.g.. job board, reviews, multilingual site, on-line store and more.

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