Vundle - vim plugin to manage vim plugins

I work with Drupal content management framework and sometime ago I started using vim as my main text editor. Out of the box vim does fantastic job but we can customise it by installing vim plugins.

As you may know there is a project called vimrc on the Drupal website that provides detailed instruction how to make vim to support Drupal development. I wrote two articles about vimrc: first one provides summary of steps required to instal vimrc, second one provides overview of all components that vimrc is made of.

I used drush to instal vimrc files but I have discovered since that different method that makes use of Vundle - using Vundle is easy please check for instructions on the GitHub  project's page.

I have to say using Vundle is more elegant and tidy way of installing and maintaining vim plugins on my machine. All the plugins that you would like to use need be be listed in ~/.vimrc file, next step is to open vim and run :BundleInstall - and that is everything what you need  to do. New vim plugins are stored in ~/.vim/bundle directory.

Additional advantage of using Vundle it makes migration or set up of vim on a new machine much easier. With Vundle you simply copy over file .vimrc, instal Vundle vim plugin and perform Vundle plugin installation on the new machine - and you have all your favourites vim plugins again on a new machine.


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