PHP Team Development

This book was released in 2009 and written by Samisa Abeysinghe. It is not heavy book to read. On 184 pages the author addresses problems, issues when developing application e.g. using PHP in development team - for example team made of 4 PHP developers.

PHP is used widely to create complex web application  from Open Source such as Joomla, Drupal or phpBB  for commercial products as well. In both cases applications are developed by team of people and to ensure quality and usability of the application members of the team must adhere to some standards, rules and make use of technology and tools to make this work as smooth as possible.

The author touches in this book following:

  • principles of software engineering,
  • principles of designing software and use of MVC,
  • use of framework,
  • management of team and techniues that work best,

Additionally to this book I would recommend to read following possition: "Expert PHP Tools" by Dirk Merkel, 2010.

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